Residents Parking hit by bureaucracy at our Councils

February 15, 2011 9:09 PM
By Graham Pooley

Graham Pooley in Townfield Street Chelmsford Parking

A turf war between Chelmsford Council and Essex Council is being blamed for slow progress on Residents' Parking schemes. In Townfield Street, Primrose Hill / South Primrose Hill, and Marconi / Bishop Road, there is already agreement about what might help ease the pressures. However the list of "schemes" waiting to be progressed or even considered is now approaching 200! No acceptable timetable is in sight.

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Back last summer, your Liberal Democrat councilors called for a cross party panel to focus on the town's parking policies, but this has fallen on deaf Tory ears.

The problems come from many directions:

  • Some residents' parking spaces may need to go as access for emergency vehicles needs to be improved.
  • New developments in town may not have rights to join residents' parking schemes but inevitably bring visitors and unintended inconsiderate parking with them. Many of these are in store as Tory policy allows more and more flats
  • With no progress when money was more available, cuts may now threaten any progress with a Widford Park & Ride.
  • The Tory-run County Council intention to cut out Park and Ride on Saturday completely
  • "Green" travel plans seem not to be making much reduction in the pressures on the town from school runs and those driving in to work in the town. Still no progress on the Liberal Democrat proposals for a circular bus route.
  • Plans for more shops but also to lose some car parks.

Graham Pooley said, "The Tories seem unconcerned by all this - they say if you live in or near the town centre you must expect problems, but then most of their councilors are villagers. Chelmsford continues to change and grow, and Liberal Democrats are saying its time for a serious review of the parking situation - the needs of those living in and near the town centre are getting squeezed"

If you back the Lib Dem campaign for action, sign our petition here.