Stunell: Lib Dems will deliver biggest increase in social housing for 30yrs

October 27, 2010 5:11 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat Communities Minister Andrew Stunell announced today that Liberal Democrats in Government will deliver the biggest net increase in social housing for 30 years. 150,000 affordable homes over the next four years will follow decades of neglect under Labour and the Conservatives.

Since 1979, both Labour and Conservative Governments presided over a reduction in the number of affordable homes, with each selling off more homes than they built. There were 400,000 fewer homes after the Tories' 18 years in power and a further 45,530 fewer after 13 years of Labour.

Andrew Stunell said: "Because of Liberal Democrat influence in Government, the Coalition will be able to increase the supply of affordable housing in this country.

"More social homes will be built this year than in any year under the last Labour Government.

"Times are tough and we need to learn how to do more with less in every aspect of Government policy, including social housing. But despite the difficult economic times, and unlike Thatcher and Blair, Liberal Democrats in Government will deliver an increase in affordable housing."