NHS hires 5,000 more managers - Robinson

March 27, 2010 10:13 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats
Stephen Robinson and Norman Lamb outside Broomfield hospital

Stephen Robinson and Norman Lamb MP visited Broomfield hospital to discuss budget and staffing issues

Figures released today have revealed that the number of managers in the NHS increased by 4,748 in the last year - an increase of 12% - while the number of nurses only increased by 2%. Commented Lib Dem Stephen Robinson, "The NHS is facing the toughest financial period in its history, yet we're still seeing managers being recruited like there's no tomorrow.

"Many people will be left wondering why so much money is being spent on more NHS bureaucracy when we're in desperate need of front-line staff."

The figures also reveal that:

  • The cost of employing this many extra managers is estimated to be £230m
  • There are now 44,661 managers in the NHS - an 84% increase over the last ten years
  • The average annual increase in managers over the last ten years has been 4.6% - the average annual increase in nurses has been only 2.4%

Stephen Robinson added, "Labour has poured huge amounts of taxpayers' money into the NHS while failing to ensure we get good value for money.

"This week's Budget failed to set out any credible plan for reducing costs in the NHS. Labour claimed they would make the NHS more efficient, but these figures paint a different picture.

"Only the Liberal Democrats are being honest about the scale of the challenge ahead. We will start by cutting the amount spent on admin by one third and reinvesting that money in front-line services."