Need for new houses in Essex is not down to immigration

May 31, 2007 4:17 PM

In a 'Chelmsford Weekly News' letter, Lib Dem Stephen Robinson has said that the need for new houses in Essex is not because of immigration. He was responding to an earlier letter suggesting it was.

Said Stephen: "It is time that certain groups stopped peddling these myths and stirring up anger at the wrong targets. 90% of the housing need in Essex is down to there being more single-person households. We are all living longer and marrying later, and more people are divorcing. These all generate a need for more houses WITHOUT the population growing.

Those who seek to stir up hatred against other people must get their facts right. There are thousands (not millions) of people coming into Britain every year. There are also thousands LEAVING Britain every year.

So there is a small net increase in the population each year - 0.3% in 2005. However, without immigration into this country, the population will FALL - because families are having fewer children. That will mean fewer people of working age to pay taxes and so fewer people to pay for our pensions and public services.

We need to control the amount of immigration into Britain, so that we let in those people we need to support our economy. 25% of job vacancies in England remain unfilled because of a lack of skilled applicants. If the local population does not have the skills we need, we will need to look abroad for those skills or suffer economic decline.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Robinson

Chelmsford Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate