Robinson back in the classroom

October 13, 2006 11:43 PM
Stephen Robinson and students from Boswells college

Stephen Robinson discusses current issues with students at Boswells college

Around 100 students at Boswells college, Springfield, heard from Chelmsford Liberal Democrat Stephen Robinson this Monday. The college has a weekly programme of outside speakers.

Stephen explained the who, what, where and why of local politics. He pointed out that the recent Liberal Democrat conference had had real policy debates and discussions, unlike at the other conferences. As a result, the new policy paper "Making Britain Free, Fair and Green" had been approved -

Using the 2005 local election results, he demonstrated the unfairness of the electoral system (when the Lib Dems won five Chelmsford county council seats to the Conservatives none, despite the two parties have almost the same number of votes). Similarly, the Labour party were elected to Government despite only having the votes of 26% of the electorate.

After the presentation, Stephen took a number of questions and the discussions continued right up to the end of the session.