Robinson chosen again to stand for MP

December 22, 2006 3:38 PM
Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson is campaigning to be Chelmsford's next MP

Local Liberal Democrats have this week chosen Stephen Robinson again as their Parliamentary Candidate, for the new Chelmsford constituency. In a packed meeting, members overwhelmingly backed Mr Robinson, from a field of five strong candidates.

Stephen Robinson gained second place at the last General Election in the old West Chelmsford constituency. Under the new boundaries in place for the next General Election, a close fight is expected between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Stephen Robinson is an experienced campaigner and former County and District Councillor who has worked hard on behalf of local people. He lives locally with his wife and son in Writtle.

Commenting on his selection, Mr Robinson said, "I am delighted to have been chosen by Liberal Democrat members. It would be a great honour to represent Chelmsford in Parliament. After coming a close second last year, I know we have a real opportunity to win here next time.

"One of my biggest concerns in Chelmsford is the range of threats to the environment from local Conservative policies. They need to ACT green not just TALK green. They delayed Lib Dem recycling plans; will boost pollution by helping car drivers at the expense of everyone else and do not understand sustainability when it comes to housing and new roads.

"I am also worried about the Broomfield hospital plans and the general financial state of our local health services. The problems have been caused by over-centralisation and privatisation of public services under both the Conservatives and Labour."

Christine Shaw, Chair of Chelmsford Liberal Democrats added,

"We are delighted to have chosen such an experienced campaigner as Stephen Robinson. Stephen will be leading the fight for us on issues such as the Conservative plans to blight large parts of our area with their housing and road schemes. The Liberal Democrats hold well over half the council seats in the new constituency and are just 3,700 votes behind the Conservatives in the new constituency. So we are looking forward to the next election."


Comments: from Lorna Spenceley; on 22nd December 2006.

Congratulations to Stephen on his selection and all good wishes for the battle ahead!

Comments: from Simon Wright; on 22nd December 2006.

Well done Stephen!

Comments: from Anon; on 23rd December 2006.

Congratulations from the Lib Dems in Colchester

Theresa Higgins

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