Where's the Springfield Road Crossing?

August 23, 2006 1:03 PM
Crossing in Springfield Road

Pedestrians at risk from half-finished crossing

Over a month ago work started on changing the crossing in Springfield Road near Tesco and then suddenly stopped. In the meantime, local people are at risk using this half-finished crossing (see photo).

Chelmsford Liberal Democrats are saying that Conservative-run Essex County Council is, yet again, bypassing the views of local people and the needs of pedestrians.

Said Transport spokesman Cllr. Keith Francis, "They removed the zebra crossing without any consultation. Priority is yet again being given to motorists at the expense of pedestrians. We need a transport policy in Chelmsford that delivers a proper balance between the needs of all, whether walking, driving, cycling or on a bus.

"This is not the first Tory road plan causing controversy in Chelmsford this year. Just a few months back we organised a successful campaign against the Tory plan to turn central Chelmsford into a one-way 'race-track'. Our efforts attracted hundreds of supporters, and Essex Conservatives were forced to abandon the idea.

"As regards the Springfield Road crossing, the merits of Zebras versus Pelicans should be properly debated. For example, how much priority will be given to pedestrians? Judging by the Pelican Crossing on Parkway - not much and this is not acceptable.

"We thoroughly condemn the high-handed way this crossing has been change. We will seek a review over this matter to ensure that future proposals are dealt with in a proper manner.

"This appalling episode proves once again that the Conservatives under David Cameron have no belief in consultation or genuinely green transport options."