MP cries crocodile tears over Post Office closures

June 21, 2006 12:24 PM

Save Post Offices campaign badgeChelmsford MP Simon Burns has been accused of doing one thing and saying another over Post Office closures, by Stephen Robinson (his Lib Dem opponent in 2005). In a letter to the Essex Chronicle, Mr Robinson said that the MP was - once again - trying to persuade us that Conservatives are concerned about post office closures. "However, I think we should judge them more by their actions than their words," said Mr Robinson. He continued:

"Over 4,000 post offices closed under the Conservatives. It is a bit late for them to now wake up to how important local post offices are for community life.

"The local branch post offices are all private businesses. So when their income starts to decline because the Government is taking business away, it is not surprising that they are under pressure.

"The Liberal Democrats recently agreed a plan that would provide the necessary money to invest in the post office network. The Conservatives, on the other hand, have yet to make clear how they will raise the necessary investment money.

"Until they can make clear what are their policies to solve these problems, what they say will be just warm words. It is time for the Conservatives to stop their crocodile tears and announce how they will find the money needed to invest in the post office network."

Stephen Robinson

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate 2005, West Chelmsford

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