Chelmsford Lib Dems at national talks with Leadership Contenders

January 23, 2006 3:09 AM
Stephen and Colchester MP Bob Russell at the Policy Day

Stephen Robinson with Colchester MP Bob Russell

A contingent of local Lib Dems went to London last week for the national Lib Dems policy day. During the day they were treated to a pitch by the contenders for the party leadership. Stephen Robinson (local parliamentary candidate in 2005) said, "This policy day was planned anyway as part of a process to establish key Lib Dem priorities over the next few years."

One topic running throughout (since the process started at September's conference) has been to identify themes that tell the general public, in clear and simple terms, what a Liberal Democratic Britain would be like.

Stephen added, "It was a very useful and thought-provoking day for future policy and, of course, discussion over the forthcoming leadership election.

We thank Charles Kennedy for his leadership under which we have grown so much in six years, but we also now look forwards. We have a range of excellent candidates and a real choice to make. The Labour party do not have a 'one-member-one-vote' system and the Conservatives allow MPs to draw up a shortlist. In the Liberal Democrats, the members have the greatest say."

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