Broomfield Parade Post Office in National Spotlight

October 7, 2005 4:02 PM
Stephen raises Broomfield Post Office issue at national conference

Chelmsford Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesman raises Broomfield Parade PO issue at national conference

Chelmsford's Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesman Stephen Robinson raised the Broomfield Parade Post Office closure to national level when he featured it in his speech at the national Lib Dem conference in Blackpool.

He told delegates from across the country, "This is not some little local difficulty but a national disgrace by Tesco. Despite posting record profits, they are riding rough-shod over the needs of small urban communities by closing in-store Post Offices in the pursuit of greater profits."

He said there was not a single Lib Dem delegate in the land who would not be affected one way or another by these closures. The Conservatives rely on large store donations to party coffers, and Labour have presided over a vicious programme of urban Post Office closures. Neither are in any position to change Tesco's mind.