Robinson slams Govt. for scandal of abandoned cars

July 6, 2005 11:59 PM

The amount of cars left abandoned in Britain would be enough to stretch from London to Berlin if laid end-to-end. So says Chelmsford's Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman Stephen Robinson, quoting official figures. He commented, "This follows from the government's decision in June 2003 that the last owner of the vehicle would continue to have responsibility for its disposal, rather than the manufacturer, as is standard practice throughout the EU."

He went on, "I am appalled that the Government, which likes to pretend it's green, is presiding over Waste Britain. This enormous heap of abandoned cars represents yet another entry to the long list of environmental neglect and decay with which communities are blighted. Britain is facing enough abandoned cars to stretch from London to Berlin.

"That is the equivalent of 607 cars being dumped per day and it is about time the government put the brakes on 'Waste Britain'. Every abandoned car has 'government incompetence' written all over it."