MORE trains not fewer - Robinson

June 25, 2005 1:09 AM
Chelmsford Rail bridge

Chelmsford Rail Bridge. "More Trains not Less" says Stephen Robinson

Despite pressure to use trains more, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman Stephen Robinson says a report on the future of rail passenger transport is advocating charging more for peak-time travel and cutting under-used trains to help operators cope with increases

He reported, "The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) has proposed 'rail peak pricing' to combat a forecast rise in travellers of at least 28% in 10 years. In a strategy document, the organisation also said scrapping under-used trains and stations could help operators handle growth. The report said that overall the network should be able to handle predicted growth through innovation and small investments."

"It is farcical" went on Stephen, "that the Labour party has introduced regulations for the transportation of chickens, but not for humans. Yet their recent rail review has still failed to tackle the problem of overcrowding. ATOC is wrong to suggest that we can handle this growth by scrapping trains and stations. Alistair Darling should be looking to expand our railways, not shut them down by the backdoor."