Robinson attends his first meeting of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party

February 14, 2005 3:39 AM
Stephen with MPs at Parliament meeting

Attached photo shows Stephen Robinson (back left) attending the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party meeting. Seated are Matthew Taylor MP (Chair of the Parliamentary Party) and Sandra Gidley MP. Next to Stephen is Sue Doughty MP

West Chelmsford's Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Robinson last week attended his first meeting of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party. Mr Robinson was invited to attend the weekly meeting as part of a programme of inviting candidates who have a good chance of winning at the coming General Election.

Said Mr Robinson, "I was delighted to receive this invitation. It shows a confidence from the central party about our prospects. I was able to see how the parliamentary party works, which will help if and when I join them after the election. Lib Dem MPs present questioned Leader Charles Kennedy about that day's Prime Minister's Questions and also discussed the manifesto for the coming election. The mood was very upbeat, with a confidence that there will be many new members of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party after the election."