Danbury By-Election: Labour slump to 5th place as Lib Dems on course for Parliamentary win

November 14, 2004 5:22 PM
David looking at possible development areas at Runsell Green

David looking at development areas near Runsell Green

In a shock result to the Danbury, Little Baddow & Sandon by-election on 11 November, Conservatives won but with a 9.2% swing to the Liberal Democrats. David Whiteing pushed up the Lib Dem vote, while all the other main parties lost votes. This kind of swing in West Chelmsford could see Stephen Robinson elected the Lib Dem MP.

The Tory held this safest of their seats - with no policies but the right rosette. The Lib Dem result reflected well on an excellent candidate and Labour slumped into 5th place.

"This excellent Liberal Democrat results shows that the West Chelmsford Parliamentary seat is in our sights," said Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Robinson. "The swing required for us to win the West Chelmsford seat is 9.6%," said Mr Robinson, "and we nearly achieved that in the Conservatives' second safest seat. This result shows once again that it is only the Liberal Democrats who can mount a serious challenge to beat the Conservatives here in the General Election."

The full result was:

Con 940 57.7% -4.9%

LD 445 27.3% +13.6%

UKIP 94 5.8% 5.8%

Grn 91 5.6% -10.9%

Lab 60 3.7% -3.5%

Turnout 1630 25.1%

Swing:- C to LibD 9.2%

Lab to LibD 8.5%

Gn to LibD 12.3%