• Wind Turbine and Logo
    Article: Mar 23, 2021

    When Liberal Democrats say put recovery first, we mean creating a fairer, greener, more caring society, and at the heart of this plan is ensuring the recovery is green.

    A recovery that faces up to the existential threat of climate change. We have all seen the warnings. Floods devastating communities across the UK. Fires burning the Amazon and across Australia.

  • Nurse
    Article: Mar 21, 2021
    By Munira Wilson

    The Conservative Government's offer of a 1% pay rise is an insult to the hard working NHS staff who have worked tirelessly to keep us and our loved ones safe.

    The Liberal Democrats have passed a motion demanding a fair pay rise for NHS workers. In the words of a local Lib Dem campaigner, "who can possibly think £6 is a reasonable pay rise for NHS staff?" They deserve a salary that reflects their skill, dedication and sacrifice.

  • Electricity meter
    Article: Mar 20, 2021
    By Sarah Olney

    Essential services like water, gas and electricity, are the backbones of modern life. They keep our homes warm, our cars running, we rely on them every day. But many of us are overpaying for these essential services.

    The Liberal Democrats want to ensure utility companies are run for the benefit of consumers, rather than solely for profit.

  • Give carers a break
    Article: Mar 20, 2021
    By Ed Davey - Leader of the Liberal Democrats

    The UK's 11 million unpaid carers - young and old - do a remarkable and important job, but they need more support.

    From juggling work and looking after loved ones to taking on more caring responsibilities during the pandemic, carers face difficult challenges everyday.

    unpaid carers have been ignored and overlooked"

  • Stephen Robinson
    Article: Mar 19, 2021

    Chelmsford's Lib Dem Leader Cllr. Stephen Robinson was asked to contribute to a film about the successes and importance of Lib Dem-led councils around the country. He highlighted action on climate change, including planting 17,000 a trees a year across Chelmsford.

    The Lib Dems have run the London Borough of Sutton since 1986 and their Leader, Ruth Dombey, introduced the film:-

  • candle
    Article: Mar 16, 2021
    By Daisy Cooper

    Since Sarah Everard's tragic death there has been a huge outpouring of grief.

    Why is it that so many women feel so scared of men for so much of the time?

    And why are some men so violent towards women?

    Writes Daisy Cooper MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats:

    I've been thinking about it all week. I've been looking at what other people have been suggesting. And I think everything needs to change.

  • Map of parishes in Chelmsford district (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Mar 7, 2021

    Chelmsford residents are being urged to back plans for strong, local voices for all neighbourhoods across the Chelmsford district. Chelmsford City Council is running a consultation (called a Community Governance Review) until 18th March 2021 and everyone is urged to give their views - at www.chelmsford.gov.uk/cgr

  • Homelessness is not a crime banner and people marching
    Article: Mar 3, 2021

    Five years ago, hundreds of Chelmsford residents marched (and many more signed a petition) - all concerned about a Public Space Protection Order with plans for £100 fines (from then-Conservative Chelmsford City Council).

    Since the Liberal Democrats took on the leadership of the City Council, things have changed. The Council voted last week for funds to provide new support for rough sleepers and the other 250 or so homeless families in Chelmsford.

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