Here it's Lib Dem or Conservative

Lib Dems will...

Work hard all year round and listen to local residents

Cut congestion (better bus, pedestrian + cycle facilities)

Bring more jobs to Chelmsford and affordable homes


Are closing up to 44 libraries across Essex

Don't build the vital infrastructure we need to
support Chelmsford's growth

Have gone £14.5m overbudget on Leisure Centre

  • East of England MEP candidates
    Article: May 29, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats have secured the best ever European Election result in the party's history, electing 16 MEPs and winning second place in vote share across Britain.

    Having run an unambiguous campaign to stop Brexit, the party has made huge gains across the country, which follow the party's best ever gains in English local election results at the start of May.

    Responding to the result Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

    "Our clear, honest, unambiguous message has won us our best ever European election result, and pushed Corbyn's Labour into third place.

    "We have shown ourselves to be the strongest Remain force in British politics.

    "We will always stand up for the people who have put their faith in us, taking this mandate forward to campaign harder than ever to stop Brexit.

    "There is a clear lesson for Labour in tonight's results: get off the fence. In trying to please everybody they have pleased nobody.

    "With a Tory leadership contest increasing the risk of a "No Deal" Brexit, Britain can no longer tolerate an Opposition which ducks and dives on the biggest issue of the day.

    "If you want to see an outward looking Britain, standing tall in the world with our European partners, and offering opportunity to everyone at home, there is no better moment to shape the future of our party and our politics, by joining the Liberal Democrats."

    The Liberal Democrats

    This is the best ever result in the European Elections for the Liberal Democrats and by securing second place in the national vote, it is the first time that the Liberal Democrats have beaten both the Conservative and Labour Parties in a UK-wide election. The Liberal Party last did this 101 years ago.

    We are on course to triple our 2014 vote share, and have secured our highest vote share since 2010 and are returning our largest ever group of MEPs.

    It is the first time we have topped the poll in London, which sends a clear message ahead of next year's mayoral elections that we will be a serious player.


    This is the worst ever result for the Conservatives in a UK-wide election. Their previous worst performance in the European Elections was to return 26 MEPs. They have fallen far, far short.


    Labour are on course for their worst ever performance in a UK-wide election. They have never returned fewer than 13 seats and are on course to fall short of that.

  • Stop Brexit A3 leaflets
    Article: May 22, 2019

    Seven years ago the world came to London and we were SO proud of our country but now Brexit is a national embarrassment.

    Theresa May is trying to push through a deal that panders to her party's extreme fringe and Nigel Farage. Again and again, Jeremy Corbyn has helped her, letting down Labour supporters across the UK.

  • Tom Willis, Freda Mountain and Linda Mascot
    Article: Apr 29, 2019

    After 32 years serving Widford and Tile Kiln, Freda Mountain is retiring as a Chelmsford Councillor. In this short video Freda and Linda talk about some of the issues affecting Goat Hall Ward and Freda urges residents of Tile Kiln and Widford to vote for Linda Mascot and Tom Willis on 2nd May.

  • Dan Clark Dave Havell Rose Moore
    Article: Apr 22, 2019

    Dan Clark, Dave Havell and Rose Moore will stand up for Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park as Liberal Democrats on Chelmsford City Council.

    Dan Clark
    I decided to stand for election as I believe I can make a difference in the community. My main aims if elected are to help the people of Chelmsford feel safe in the place they call home and to introduce environmental initiatives to benefit future generations.

  • Team of Chelmsford Lib Dem candidates
    Article: Apr 17, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats are standing candidates in every one of the 24 wards across the district of Chelmsford in the local election on 2nd May. In every ward the real contest is between Conservative and Lib Dem. In fact, in some wards there are only Lib Dem and Conservative candidates.

    The Lib Dem candidates come from a wide range of backgrounds including teachers, engineers, scientists, finance experts, surveyors, local business-people, charity workers and musicians. There are more female than male candidates and they cover all ages and all backgrounds.

  • Jennie Lardge
    Article: Apr 16, 2019

    Jennie Lardge and Eleanor Sampson are standing as Chelmsford City Council candidates for the Lib Dems in Waterhouse Farm ward. Here, they explain why they want to be city councillors.

  • River Chelmer
    Article: Apr 14, 2019

    In the local elections on 2nd May, Lib Dems are working for a safer, greener and fairer Chelmsford.

    Demand a safer Chelmsford

    Gangs, drug-dealing and knife crime are on the rise. The Conservatives slashed the number of Essex Police PCSOs and Constables.

    The Liberal Democrats will invest in policing and anti-gang initiatives.

  • Jude Deakin & Stephen Robinson bed-in some plants
    Article: Apr 8, 2019

    Says Stephen Robinson, "I am delighted to be standing in St. Andrew's ward for the Chelmsford City Council elections. It's where I live and where I have been Essex County Councillor for almost seven years.

    "I am standing with fellow Lib Dems Cllr. Lee Ashley and Ann Davidson and we have made this short video to say why we would like to be the St. Andrew's ward councillors."

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