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Bring more jobs to Chelmsford and affordable homes


Are closing up to 44 libraries across Essex

Don't build the vital infrastructure we need to
support Chelmsford's growth

Have gone £14.5m overbudget on Leisure Centre

  • Chelmsford Army and Navy flyover showing chunks missing from the concrete
    Article: Sep 11, 2019
    An engineer's report on the structure of Chelmsford's Army and Navy flyover is expected within the next two weeks, but in the meantime the flyover will remain closed, Essex County Council has announced. The Council is urging drivers to plan ahead or switch to different forms of transport to get into and out of Chelmsford, as the Army and Navy flyover is set to remain closed for the foreseeable future.
    Last week Cllr Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council, went to Whitehall to discuss bids for funding to improve the Army and Navy junction.

    Essex County Council's Traffic Control Centre, based in County Hall, is constantly monitoring traffic at the Army and Navy junction.
    A spokesperson for the Traffic Control Centre said: "All approaches to the Army and Navy junction were slow-moving during rush hour periods but no different to normal traffic volumes during term time. This suggests drivers are heeding advice to find alternative routes to travel to and from the city."

    Measures already implemented to keep traffic moving at the Army and Navy junction and all approaches to Chelmsford during peak traffic times include:
    • Optimising the part-time signals at the Army and Navy roundabout
    • Opening the Parkway slip lane at the New London Road/Parkway junction and the operation of the signals at this location working independently on each side of Parkway
    • Non-urgent roadworks on the main corridors into the city centre have now been prevented from taking place
    • The bus service frequency to the Sandon Park and Ride has now been increased
    • Essex County Council is continually refining signal timings in response to traffic congestion issues in the city
    • Taxis and motorcycles are now prevented from extending the green light from a bus priority signal on Essex Yeomanry Way heading toward the Army and Navy roundabout.
    A steering group including councillors, residents' representatives and the MP, has met to discuss the future of the Army and Navy flyover in response to the recent closure and how the impact on journey times can be reduced.
    The group are urgently seeking a long-term solution to the Army and Navy but in the immediate term they have discussed a range of options which the travelling public are able to consider, including:
    • Taking advantage of capacity at Sandon Park and Ride - at the morning peak period, there are still around 450 spaces available for car users at Sandon. The cost is just £3.60 daily or £18 weekly and under 16's travel for just £1 daily.
    • Changing or staggering journey times to avoid the morning and evening peak
    • Taking advantage of cycling options or walking
    • Utilising Chelmsford's local bus network with an adult daily ticket of £4.90 available enabling travel anywhere in the City.
    Cllr Kevin Bentley said: "This is an emergency situation and many people are taking committed action to improve this junction as soon as possible.

    "The moment we have any further information about the flyover, I will be sharing it. I've recently spoken to the media extensively and I'm determined to keep everyone informed of updates to the situation at the Army and Navy junction.

    "Until then I repeat my advice to plan ahead and switch to alternatives like buses, bikes or simply walking to get to school or work."

    "We know that the whole of Chelmsford feels the effects when there are problems at the Army and Navy flyover, but we cannot put the safety of people at risk by allowing the structure to stay open while we learn more about our options."
  • Jane Dodds 2
    Article: Sep 9, 2019

    Jane Dodds has just taken up her seat in Westminster after winning the by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire, and three MPs have joined the Lib Dems: Angela Smith (Penistone and Stocksbridge), Phillip Lee (Bracknell), and Luciana Berger (Liverpool Wavertree).

    Meanwhile, Boris Johnson had one goal - to crash us out of the EU without a deal.

  • Event: Oct 5, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    Costa Coffee, Clock Tower Retail Park

    Cllrs Jennie Lardge and Eleanor Sampson will be holding councillor surgeries for Waterhouse Farm ward on the first Saturday of each month (beginning the 7 September 2019) at Costa Coffee, 8 Chelmsford Clocktower, Clocktower Retail Park, Westway, Chelmsford CM1 3FJ

    If you have something you think that the councillors can help you with or you would like to meet them and have a chat please do go along.

  • Event: Oct 5, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    St Luke's Church, 26 Lewis Dr, Chelmsford CM2 9EF

    Your Lib Dem Councillors will be at St Lukes Church, Moulsham Lodge on the first Saturday of each month from 11:00 - 12:00. Residents are welcome to drop in to discuss issues or just for a chat.

  • Chelmsford Army and Navy flyover showing chunks missing from the concrete
    Article: Aug 30, 2019
    Anyone who uses Chelmsford's Army and Navy roundabout is being encouraged to plan ahead and switch to different forms of transport, as the flyover is set to remain closed during the back-to-school period. A full report on the structure from engineers is expected in the coming weeks.
    Over the last two summers, extremely high temperatures have caused significant movement to several of the supporting columns. On both occasions, there was no alternative but to close the flyover as it would have been unsafe to leave it open.
  • DacorumRecycling
    Article: Jul 26, 2019

    Yes, it's frustrating that different councils have different rules but that's in large part due to having to arrange external contracts at different times.

    You need to rinse dirty packaging, squash plastic bottles and, in Chelmsford at least, put the lids back on.

    More answers here:

  • Chuka Umunna
    Article: Jul 24, 2019
    By Chuka Umunna

    Since Jo became our party's new leader on Monday night, we've had another membership surge. There are now another 5,000 Liberal Democrat members and supporters - from one newbie to another, welcome!

    When I joined I was absolutely clear - there's only room in UK politics for one strong, centre-ground, pro-EU movement. That movement is the Liberal Democrats. And I've been blown away by how warm a welcome I've received - I hope you'll feel just as much at home as I do!

  • Cllr. Jude Deakin and council staff use electric equipment in parks. (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Jul 24, 2019

    Chelmsford City Council is determined to go green and deliver on its pledge of 16 July 2019 to be carbon neutral by 2030. The Lib Dem led Council has just rolled out battery powered hedge trimmers and electric parks vehicles.

    Cllr. Jude Deakin and parks staff launched the new, electric equipment for our parks this week. See this video:

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